About Us

He is the man with the plan. She makes great coffee and helps him stay on task. ;)

Pleased to meet you! We are Derek and Samantha of Tippy Hemp Company. He is the man with the plan. She is his right-hand woman. We are yin & yang all the way!


Tippy Hemp Company’s story begins on a cold, snowy, late winter day in 2012, when a young man named Derek stopped into his local natural foods store to buy some hemp ice cream. That’s right: ice cream on a cold, snowy day. The store cashier, Samantha, was intrigued. She teased Derek about it. He replied that he was interested in trying all things hemp, and she found that very interesting.

A few months later, when Derek and Samantha were getting to know each other better, Derek revealed his long-standing dream of owning a hemp store. A one-stop hemp shop! Samantha was immediately on board with the idea, and a year later, Tippy Hemp Co. was born. They were on their way to making Derek’s dream a reality, and it is getting more and more tangible each day.