Earth Day Indiana

A wonderful day is coming up. #EarthdayIN is right around the corner. We are very happy to announce that we will be a vendor for this festival. If you follow us on facebook then you already know how excited we are to attend this lovely event. If you need more information about this fun, exciting, and educational earth day […]

Vote or not vote

 Tippy Hemp Company has no position on this. Better yet, we believe that every time you spend your money, you are, in fact, voting. By supporting and purchasing HEMP products on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, you are in a roundabout way saying, “Hey, hemp should be legal and grown as a rotation crop in every state and […]

what a hemp day

My first blog post since Tippy has finally settled down with its new hosting arena. Talk about a re-learning overhaul. Anyway, slowly but surely trucking along, all the while making moves in the real world. It’s been all kinds of f-words along the way, yet I look forward to the future.

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