Featured Item: “Hemp For Change” Bracelets

Hemp For Change Bracelets!

~ Fashion meets Activism ~

Change is good! Do you enjoy making a change in the world? Have you checked out our “Hemp For Change” bracelets yet? What are you waiting for?! They are handmade by village artisans in Guatemala, and they are fair-trade, fair-pay certified. Hemp for Change also donates 10% of the proceeds from each bracelet to organizations that support sustainability.

Hemp For Change Bracelets

We carry two different styles of these beautiful bracelets – braided and macrame. Both styles are made with a loop & string tie system. You can choose to tie it in a knot and wear it forever, or tie it in a bow and take it off later. It’s all up to you! These look great stacked together or with beads or bangle bracelets. Buy one for a friend; they make excellent, one-of-a-kind gifts or stocking stuffers.

Did you know that industrial hemp can be used to make more than 25,000 different products? More uses are created every day! The United States is the only industrialized nation that lacks its own hemp industry. Hemp For Change bracelets are a fabulous way to show your support as a hemp activist. Use yours to start the conversation each time someone compliments that lovely bracelet you’re wearing. If you need some inspiration, check out this blog post about why we need to re-legalize industrial hemp in Indiana.

Show Us How You Rock It!

You can purchase your brand-new bracelet in either style right now! Please leave a note if you would like to specify the colors. Here are the links: Braided or Macrame

How will you rock your new hemp bracelet? Send us a photo of you wearing it and we will post it here, on our website! You’ll get bonus points if you show our Tippy Hemp logo in the picture. 🙂

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