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Our friends over at Hemp Heritage have perfected these wonderful hemp greeting cards. Not only are these made from hemp but some of these hemp greeting cards, once discarded, will grow into wild flowers. What a great idea for a sustainable world.

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At Green Field Paper, we are all about the paper- tree free paper. We offer both handmade paper and machine made hemp paper . It is our fine tactile seed embedded paper  (embedded with non-invasive wildflower seeds) that we are known for throughout the world.
In this age of electronic communication, nothing can replace the heartfelt sentiment of a personal note or the contemplative process of putting pen to paper in your journal or sketch book. Our hemp or seeded paper can accomplish just that.Since 1992, Green Field Paper Company handmade paper has been crafted one sheet at a time here in San Diego, California. Our machine-made Hemp Heritage® paper is manufactured in New England, home of the first American paper mills. Our handmade paper includes Grow-a-Note® seed embedded plantable paper, our 100% Junk Mail® infused with our own 100% Junk Mail paper , Gilroy garlic paper , infused with garlic skins for an elegant look, and Java paper made with coffee chaff.

Call it old world sensibility or state-of-the-art, our products communicate an original sense of style along with environmental responsibility.The name Green Field Paper Company refers to the non-wood recycled ingredients with which we produce all of our recycled paper  and Wedding Paper.

Our Company has made a commitment to offset 100% of our company-wide electricity use by purchasing wind energy credits for our electrical usage in our manufacturing and office facility in San Diego, CA.  Wind energy is not available at our facility in San Diego, but we were able to offset our total electricity use by partnering with a number of wind farms across the country through a system of renewable energy credits that brings together suppliers and buyers of wind energy. It is important to note that our purchase of renewable energy credits is a commitment we make in addition to paying our utility costs and finding ways to increase our overall energy efficiency. As part of our comprehensive strategy to support energy conservation and renewable energy, we also continue to explore ways to reduce energy use throughout all of our operations by supplementing them with other renewable energy technologies such as solar infrastructure, micro-hydro turbines and geothermal heating. Even the water used to make the 100% recycled handmade paper is reclaimed and recycled back into the next batch.

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