Hempology is our attempt to shed light on any questions you might have pertaining to Cannabis Sativa L. Commonly referred to as Industrial Hemp. Hemp is a commonly used term for Cannabis containing many varieties of the Cannabis plant that produce little to no THC. This versatile plant produces over 25,000 different products using its fiber, oil, and seed. This sustainable, green commodity, however, is still currently illegal for US farmers to grow, supposedly due to the idea that it’s not possible to distinguish between industrial hemp and its cousin, Cannabis (a.k.a. Marijuana.) After closer examination, you can clearly see that the hemp plant produces copious amounts of seed with no “bud” or flowery substance which would contain the cannabinoid known as THC. If Hemp contains more than .o3% THC, then it is no longer classified as industrial hemp. You literally would have to smoke a telephone pole worth of hemp material in one single sitting to get any sense of euphoria, which still wouldn’t happen even if it were humanly possible for you to do.


Hemp is a hardy crop that doesn’t need any herbicide or pesticide. Once hemp reaches a certain height, it will blot out the sun and starve any other weeds growing in the field. It also has a fantastic root system that cleans the soil while replenishing the earth with nutrients that other “rotation” crops will enjoy. Industrial hemp is a plant that can be used for phytoremediation, a process that extracts contaminates out of the soil. It’s truly a super-crop that has many many uses, even before harvest.

Hemp Field

Hemp growing in Tippecanoe County – Lafayette, Indiana. August 23, 2015.

Hempology – the study of hemp. This is our hempucation section. If you still have questions about industrial hemp that hempology doesn’t cover, please send us an email so we can help with the education process. No question is too silly. We enjoy having this conversation, and we can’t do it without you!

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