Vote or not vote

 Tippy Hemp Company has no position on this. Better yet, we believe that every time you spend your money, you are, in fact, voting. By supporting and purchasing HEMP products on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, you are in a roundabout way saying, “Hey, hemp should be legal and grown as a rotation crop in every state and in every country.”
Tippy Hemp is a brick-and-mortar Healthy Environmentally-Made Products store, located in Lafayette, Indiana, that encourages you to think about your purchases before you hand over your hard-earned money, supporting causes you might not want to support. If you’re anti-GMO, yet you buy chemical-ridden body care, then more than likely some of your money is indeed supporting causes you don’t believe in.
Tippy Hemp believes that HEMP is a super crop. We believe that society has just begun to understand all the wonderful qualities of a plant that, in our mind, should never have been illegal to grow in the United States. Be sure to swing by your local hemp shop to get the best skin care, superfoods, and clothing that are all made from hemp. It’s great for the community, country, planet, body, and soul. To vote or not to vote, be mindful where you spend your money. We hope to see you soon! Satisfaction guaranteed! We hope that this clarifies our position. Much LOVE on this hemptastic Monday.

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